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Monday, August 03, 2020


Estiu incremento

 In the last year 1.7 million euro has been invested in improving manufacturing, this amount will also be invested throughout this year.
The most important milestone was the acquisition of a plot of 71,000m2.
In the last two years, 20 new innovations have been launched, between them Animadas stands out for achieving a place in the Top Ten successful creations of Kantar

Valencia, 20th of May 2015. Throughout 2014, Helados Estiu, associate supplier to Mercadona, sold more than 20 million litres of ice cream with a turnover of 46 million euro. In 2013, the turnover reached 40 million euro with almost 18 million litres of ice cream sold. The latest result thus shows an increase of 20% in litres sold as in turnover resulting in a final profit before tax of 1.2 million euro.


 Estiu has invested 1 million in the last accounting year in order to relase new ice creams in this campaign

Estiu invierte

 Estiu has invested 1.7 million in the last accounting in order to release new ice creams in this campaign

The global investment in R&D and improvement of the factory in Ribarroja de Turia have reached 11 million euro in the last 6 years.

The technology used for the production of the Animadas ice cream has required a specific development in management, processing, production and manufacturing

The Valencian Company hopes for an increment in production of 7.25% million litres of ice cream to reach 19 million in 2014

Helados Estiu, Mercadona associate supplier, has invested 1.7 millions of euro in R&D in 2013 to increase production lines and improve structures. Adding the funding of the last 6 years, 11 million euro of investment has been reached. Financing in recent years has lead to improvements in each department to introduce new products this year lunched under the brand name Hacendado.


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